Hi there! I'm Zihui.

A warm welcome to my website!

I am a coach, an author, and a lecturer. I started coaching in 2015 and loved it ever since. I became a professional coach not only because I enjoy the deep connection with people, but also because I want to make transformational impact on people’s lives.

My coaching philosophy is that everyone is resourceful and has potentials; therefore, my job is to empower my clients to realize their full potential.

I am a great listener and a thinking partner. I ask powerful questions to help my clients find the solutions by themselves.


Zihui Lu

Ph.D., PCC

I hold a Doctorate in psychology from the University of Toronto, and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

I have lived in three countries: China, Canada, and USA. My international background brings a diverse and inclusive perspective to my work. I currently live with my husband and two children in Philadelphia, USA.

I practice in both English and Mandarin. If you want to be a better parent for your child, if you want your teenager to have a trustworthy professional to talk to in a safe environment, if you often have negative emotions but are not sure how to deal with it, feel free to contact me.

I offer 1-1 coaching, group coaching, lectures, and workshops for both individuals and organizations mainly in the following areas:

• Parenting

I coach parents to raise physically and emotionally healthy children, have great parent-child relationships, and enjoy parenthood in general.

• Youth

I coach adolescents to do better in school, relationships, and other aspects of their lives.

• Emotion Regulation

I help people to deal with their negative emotions and have more positive feelings. I have written a book on the topic of “Emotional Self-care”.

• Career/Personal Development

My unique Dream Carving approach (this is where my company “Dream Carving” got its name from) is a proven way that helps people to set long-term goals for their lives and actually achieve those goals by drawing realistic road maps.

• Work-life Balance

I am a firm believer of “we work to live, not live to work”. I help my clients to evaluate their core values, make priorities, and build healthy boundaries.

How to Get Started?

To get started, I offer a FREE 45-minute consultation to see if coaching is the right thing for you. During the free consultation, I will listen to your concerns, and answer any questions regarding coaching.

After the free consultation, if you choose to work together, we will meet weekly or bi-weekly in the first a few weeks, and then gradually lower the frequency along the journey. Based on what feels right, we can work out an initial agreement on how long you would like to meet or keep it open-ended.

The duration of coaching may range from a few weeks to more than a year. Each coaching session is 60 minutes. We can meet via phone, Zoom, Facetime, or face-to-face if feasible.

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires people to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Coaches don’t tell you what to do, but help you figure out unique solutions that work for you.

While psychotherapy focuses on healing from the past, coaching is more on getting you to where you wish to be next.

Feel free to contact me!